Xtradecal X72201 1/72 BAC/EE Lightning T.4/T.5 Part 2 Model Decals

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Xtradecal BAC/EE Lightning T.4/T.5 Part 2 Model Decals in 1/72 Scale


Mk.T.4 XM992/Z 111 Sqn RAF Wattisham 1960s;

XM968/Q 92 Sqn RAF Gutersloh 1973;

XM995/T 92 Sqn RAF Wildenrath 1970s Overall Dk Green uppersurfaces;

Mk.T.5 XS416/T 74 Sqn RAF Leuchars 1965;

XS459/459 226 OCU RAF Coltishall 1960.

All overall natural metal ex XM995;

XS458/Z LTF RAF Binbrook 1970 Experimental Dark Sea Grey uppersurfaces;

XS452/Y 11 Sqn RAF Binbrook 1980 Dk Green uppersurfcaes;

XS458/T 5 Sqn RAF Binbrook 1979;

XS458/DX LTF with Red Star and CCCP both Dk Green/Dk Sea Grey;

XS419/DV LTF RAF Binbrook 1987;

XS452/BT 11 Sqn RAF Binbrook 1988. Both Med Sea Grey/Barley Grey

Images Copyright © Hannants

Manufacturer: Xtradecal
Model: X72201 BAC/EE Lightning T.4/T.5 Model Decals
Scale: 1/72

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