Product Safety Data Sheet Links

Please follow the below links to the safety data sheets for the products stocked by SGS Model Store which may cause harm or irritation.

The Army Painter - Warpaints, Acrylics
08 WP1XYZ Warpaint, Acrylic Paint_SDS_EN.pdf (

The Army Painter - Warpaints, Metallic
Safety data sheet of 'LA PAJARITA - WARPAINTS WP1129-1130-1131-1132-1133-1231-1467-1468 - ' (

The Army Painter - Warpaints, Quickshade Wash
Safety data sheet of 'LA PAJARITA - WASH WP 1134-1135-1136-1137-1138-1139-1140-1143 BU-WARPAINTS - ' (

The Army Painter - Warpaint, Matt Varnish
11 WP1103 Warpaint, Matt Varnish_SDS_EN.pdf (

The Army Painter - Warpaint, Gloss Varnish
12 WP1473 Warpaint, Gloss Varnish_SDS_EN.pdf (

The Army Painter - Quickshade