Collection: Mr Hobby

Mr Hobby paints are widely seen as the best acrylic paints on the market with a wide range of colours, in both water based ( Mr Hobby ) and lacquer ( Mr Color ) types. They both offer the following advantages.

  • Wide range of highly accurate colours – RAF, RLM, USAF, FS ( Federal Standard ), Japanese Navy and Army Israeli Defence Force and Russian
  • Dries quickly to a beautifully smooth finish that withstands weathering and decal setting solutions
  • Fantastic paints for airbrushing, practically zero tip dry.
  • Super high quality pigment and carrier fluid maker
  • Thin with Mr Color, Mr Levelling Thinner or Aqueous Thinner ( Mr Hobby only )
  • The Metal Color buffable paints, which are ideal for creating 3D ‘pop’ on engine blocks, wheel wells, armament etc. Buffing process highlights raised surfaces and leaves recesses matt, creating incredible depth & realism.
  • The weathering pastel sets are suitable for expressing dirtiness, dust and mud.