Xtradecal X48168 1/48 Boeing Stearman Kaydet Model Decals

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Xtradecal Boeing Stearman Kaydet Model Decals in 1/48 Scale


BuNo 3553/401 USN NAS Corpus Christi 1943 overall yellow with red fuselage band and blue rudder;

BuNo 39123/73 US Navy 1944 Yellow wings, fuselage band and tail, silver fuselage.

BuNo 29950/241 US Navy NAS Grosse He, MI, USA, Yellow wings with one silver replacement, blue fuselage;

Yellow 127 US Army Air Corps 1940 Yellow wings, blue fuselage, red/white striped rudder;

216546 USAAF Kumming, China 1943 Overall Dark Green

FJ888 RCAF 36 EFTS RAF Pearce, Alberta, Canada 1942. Overall yellow.

Israel AF No 31, Flying School Kfir Sirtain 1953, Overall silver, red fuselage band.

Images Copyright © Hannants

Manufacturer: Xtradecal
Model: X48168 Boeing Stearman Kaydet Model Decals
Scale: 1/48

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