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Print Scale 72-406 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf-10G-14 Late Decals

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Print Scale Messerschmitt Bf-10G-14 Late Decals in 1/72 Scale


1. Bf-109G-14 W.Nr 166155 (Mtt Reg.). Standard RLM 74/75/76 camouflage with large blotch of RLM 70 around the cockpit and small blotches of this colour (and RLM 74) on fuselage sides and vertical tail. This aircraft force landed during a test flight at Wolfring, near Regensburg, on 25 July 1944.

2. Bf-109G-14/U4 W.Nr 413598 (Erla), RAF VD358/EA-2. RAF camouflage of Dark Green and Medium Sea Grey over Trainer Yellow. Wing undersides bore two black and two white stripes (white stripes significantly wider). Spinner and propeller in black, propeller tips yellow. Note that the tailwheel well cover has been removed. This aircraft was captured by the Allies at Gilze-Rijen airfield in Holland. This aircraft was previously marked with Sky-coloured letter ‘P’ in the circle-see.

3. Bf-109G- 14 W.Nr 782192 (Mtt Reg), 1./JG 53, Bad Aibling, May 1945. Camouflage is standard RLM 74/75/76, with mottling on fuselage sides typical for Regensburg-built G-14s from this production block. Oil tank cover painted in light grey primer. Traces of overpainted previous markings are visible on the engine cowling. The spinner is RLM 70 with a white spiral. Wing undersurfaces are RLM 76, with black underwing crosses outlined in white.

4. Bf-109G-14 W.Nr 462919 (Erla), flown by Lt. Oscar ‘Ossi’ Romm, 10./JG 3, Esperstedt, October 1944.

5. Bf-109G-14 W.Nr 460520 (Erla), Athis, near Reims, August 1944.

6. Bf-109G-14 W.Nr 462892 (Erla), Gefr. Alfred Michel, 16/JG 53, Stuttgart- Echterdingen, December 1944.

7. Bf-109G-14 W.Nr 782205 (Mtt Reg) 1st Lt Antal Szebeni, 101./4 vadaszezred MKHL, Veszprem, fall 1944.

8. Bf-109G-14, 15./JG 5, Lister, Norway, May 1945. Standard RLM 74/75/76 camouflage with blotches of 74/75 on fuselage sides and vertical tail, typical for Erla-built G-14s from the production block 460xxx-462xxx. Spinner RLM 70 with white spiral. Vertical tail partially painted over in a light colour (possibly white). Wooden fin, rudder of T2 type.

9. Bf 109G-14/R1 W.Nr 463147 (Erla), unknown training unit, Lechfeld. Rear fuselage RLM 84, forward fuselage RLM 76, uppersurfaces camouflaged in RLM 74/75, traces of previous markings on fuselage just behind cockpit. Camouflage very worn and weathered. Yellow rudder of T4 type. Wing undersursurfaces RLM 76, underwing crosses in form of black outlines. Uppersurface of elevators RLM 76.

10. Bf-109G-14 W.Nr 464380 (Erla), flown by Magg. Mario Bellgambi, CO, 5a Squadriglia ‘Diavoli Rossi’, ll Gruppo, Caccia ANR, Osoppo, March 1945.

11. Bf-109G-14 W.Nr 464863 (Erla), unknown training unit, Eggebek, summer 1945.

12. Bf-109G-14/U4 W.Nr 512428 (WNF), 3/JG 77 , Dortmund, December 1944. Standard RLM 74/75/76 camouflage with large blotches on fuselage sides, ‘clean’ vertical tail, yellow lower engine cowling, yellow rudder. Triangular panel under windscreen in bare metal (or bright grey primer). Green and white RV band assigned to JG 77 on rear fuselage. Spinner RLM 70 with white spiral. Wing undersurfaces RLM 76, underwing crosses black with white outline. This aircraft probably force landed after combat in early 1945 and was found by US troops in May of the same year.

Images Copyright © Print Scale

Manufacturer: Print Scale
Model: 72-406 Messerschmitt Bf-10G-14 Late Decals
Scale: 1/72

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