Syhart A72-088 1/72 McDonnell F-4F Phantom II Model Decals

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Syhart McDonnell F-4F Phantom II Model Decals in 1/72 Scale


F-4F Phantom II 37+11 "Phly-out Hopsten AB" | December 2005

McDonnell F-4F Phantom II 37+11 "Phly-out Hopsten AB" December 2005 McDonnell F-4F Phantom II 37+11 "Phly-out Hopsten AB" December 2005 The Rheine-Hopsten airbase in Westfalia (Westfalen), was created from 1938, and during World War II, it was the base of JG 27. 

Rebuild from 1959 as NATO airbase, homebase of the Fighter/bomber squadron JBG-36 "Westfalen" from 1961, the badge is designed with a "White horse", on sky blue shield. 
Firstly equiped with F-84F Thunderstreak, followed by F-104G Starfighter on 1965, it was finally converted on F-4F Phantom II from 1975. 

On 1990, the JBG-36 is converted to fighter squadron, recalled JG 72 "Westfalen". On September 2001, an openday is organised on Hopsten for the 40 years of JG 72, the squadron was retired on 2002. 

Once retired, the JG 72 was converted to F-4F training center, and the phantoms stayed on Hopsten until 2005. 

It's finally for the departure of Phantoms, and for the final closure of Hopsten AB that the F-4F Phantom registered 37+11 received a black paint, with grey horses on sides, and broken squadron badge on bottom. 

All Phantoms based on Hopsten were transfered to JG 71 "Richtoffen" on Wittmundhaven. The F-4F Phantom 37+11 received a "tag" on right intake : JG 71 "R"heine 

The lasts Luftwaffe actives phantoms was retired by JG 71 "Richtoffen" on Wittmundhaven AB on 29th june 2013, Two last phantoms used for by flight test center was retired one month later by WTD-61 on Manching AB. They received colorful schemes too.(Syhart decals 144/48/72-078)

Images Copyright © Syhart

Manufacturer: Syhart
Model: A72-088 Phantom Model Decals
Scale: 1/72

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